电 & 电子工程

电 & 电子工程

The Group has a wide range of facilities for the design, production and testing of electronic, communication and optical equipment.

Some of the main research facilities are:

  • Computer Aided Design Laboratory
  • Electronics bwin Laboratories
    • Satellite Applications Laboratory Testbed
    • DART - Digital Advanced Rural Testbed
    • Internet Network Engineering Testbed
  • Optics and Laser Laboratories
    • eHOLOCAM
  • Power Systems bwin Laboratories

Computer-Aided Design Laboratory

The CAD Laboratory has extensive electronic CAD tools, including the Cadence IC layout, simulation and synthesis tools, Synopsys合成和验证工具以及各种用于数字和模拟系统设计和验证的其他工具. These tools are provided via Europractice, whom this University has been a member of since its inception, 事实上,bwin设计的第一个晶圆是通过这个EC赞助的项目制造的.

Electronics 教学 and bwin Laboratories

bwin has had an active and successful group researching Internet engineering. 电子bwin实验室位于弗雷泽诺贝尔大厦的二楼,是专门建造的bwin实验室, adjacent to the teaching and honour's project student laboratories, the facilities include an electronics workshop to support research and final year project work. 本科 students undertake a project in their final year, most are aligned to our portfolio of research, 为学生提供机会,以获得实际工程问题的挑战经验. The laboratories were fully refurbished in 2012.

Satellite Applications Laboratory Testbed (SALT)

就在十年前, broadcasters began to transmit Digital TV via satellite, increasing the size of the potential audience for a single broadcaster, and significantly reducing the cost of delivery for each household. The emergence of digital satellite systems, 进一步增加该系统的能力,并为适当的频道提供机会,使节目能够发送给专业观众. 数字系统, 基于数字视频广播(DVB)标准,现在为观众提供了比电视频道多得多的东西. A purpose-built roof-top facility hosts a range of satellite receivers, used to test and evaluate Internet services using DVB transmission technology. 端子范围为0.3米2.5米的大小, and include both commercial-off-the-shelf systems and prototype designs for new equipment. 该实验室的工作支持了基于ip的数据传输的一系列DVB标准的设计, including the Generic Stream Encapsulation (GSE), and the addition of IP networking support to the latest DVB-RCS2 specification.

Internet Network Engineering Testbed

这家电子集团拥有自己的试验性互联网基础设施,支持与学术和商业网络相连接的各种测试平台. The testbed is well equipped with workstations, managed Ethernet Switches and IP Routers that are permanently assigned for network experiments, as well as other networking equipment. It fully supports IPv4 and IPv6 and is 多播 enabled. QoS support may be supplied when needed within the network. A range of tools (constructed either in-house, 购买, or on loan) are available and may be used to monitor, analysis and implementation of communications protocols. The testbed supports active development of open standards, and contribution to open source software projects. 试验台在气候控制套件中运行,bwin人员可以远程控制, 日志记录, 和监控功能.

Digital Advanced Rural Testbed (DART)

DART is one of five network service demonstrators funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) 测试商业模式, applications and advanced services developed by a consortium of industry and academic partners:

Technology enablers have been used to create new services, 通过结合服务质量(QoS)/带宽的自适应变化来实现应用程序和业务模型, 多播, caching of multimedia content and micropayments. 这就产生了一个利用卫星宽带的先进基础设施的试验台,允许第三方进行开放和灵活的试验(e.g., content and application providers). 两代情’s HYLAS 1 satellite provides the platform with over 200 农村 users across the UK. DART brings together key players – so it can explore the combination of new services, 网络应用程序, 和micro-billing. Trialists and experimenters are welcome to apply to use DART and other TSB service demonstrators.

Optics and Laser Laboratories

在过去的三十年里,bwin拥有一个积极而成功的光学工程bwin团队,并继续为成为光电-一个快速增长的学术界和工业界的热点做出贡献. 一套广泛的激光器, 摄影处理和全息再现设备用于实验,从不同材料的焊接到使用世界上最大的双定向全息相机的体积切片. 在专用的气动隔离工作台上对全息影像进行记录和分析,利用高精度的XYZ微定位台对影像回放进行精细检查. The laboratories were refurbished in 2013.


这款重达两吨的相机可以拍摄水下3D照片,并被列入2002年吉尼斯世界纪录大全,成为最先进的全息水下相机. HOLOCAM works at depths down to 100 meters and takes in situ recordings of marine organisms. Control electronics enable the camera to be remotely operated from ship. 该相机采用了同轴(物体在传输)和离轴(物体在反射)的几何形状. 在线全息术能够产生5到250微米范围内的生物图像(在最小尺寸下浓度高达每立方厘米几千)。. 离轴全息术更适合记录浓度高得多的较大生物. 该摄像机利用了两种方法的优点,利用两种几何形状同时记录部分重叠的水的体积. 这允许在自然环境中对生物体和无生命粒子进行非侵入性和非破坏性的视觉记录.
脉冲激光的使用,加上固有的高分辨率和三维全息术,有效地在瞬间“冻结”了场景. Although recording takes place in water, the image is replayed in the laboratory in air. 通过微定位器将计算机控制的摄像机通过重放图像体平移,并对图像进行光学切片, individual organisms can be isolated and their size, shape and relative location precisely determined. 图像处理算法将允许优化图像,并自动识别单个物种和枚举浓度.


This was a second-generation camera, developed from experience in design, implementation and testing of HOLOCAM. Significant advances were made to incorporate digital recording, replay and analysis. 除了, the eHoloCam is one sixth of the volume and one twentieth of the weight of the HoloMar camera. eHoloCam已从RV Scotia油田部署到北海和北大西洋(法罗海峡), a research vessel owned by the Fisheries bwin Services Marine Laboratory in 阿伯丁. 记录了超过290个数字全息视频,包括数千个个别的浮游生物和其他海洋生物和粒子的全息图. 它已经证明了在北海海平面以下500米的深度(已知的)全息摄影的部署,尽管设计部署到1.8 km. eHoloCam is being developed by an industry partner (CDL) for commercial applications. 这个独特的水下相机将有助于提高bwin对环境的意识,并提供一个更好的了解海洋健康. 全息图可以在水下记录下来,以提供浮游生物的3D图像。浮游生物是一种微小的水下生物,是生命的基本组成部分. These organisms range in size from a few microns to several millimetres. 对这些生物的bwin对于海洋生物学家了解海洋及其对全球环境的影响至关重要.

Power Systems Laboratories

The Power Systems Laboratories are located on the ground floor of the Fraser Noble Building. 独立的实验室支持电气系统和电力电子的bwin和教学. Purpose-built high power transmission facilities support experimental research. 设备包括一个具有直流故障保护和直流/直流电压转换能力(900V, 30kW 5-converter Direct Current network). A recent addition is a 30kW prototype DC/DC converter and a DC circuit breaker. 直流电网提供了一种独特的能力来测试大型海上可再生能源园区与直流电网的集成.