Artist in Residence Event

This is a past event

Join us to celebrate Andy Cannon's Artist in Residence with the bwin's Museums and Special Collections Department with a performance of Is This a Dagger?

Andy Cannon is a writer, performer and professional storyteller based in Scotland.  

Join us to celebrate his Artist in Residence with the bwin’s Museums and Special Collections Department with a performance of Is This a Dagger? Andy’s re-telling of Shakespeare’s infamous classic, Macbeth.  

Through his residency, Andy has been researching the battle of Mons Graupius, a celebrated encounter between the Caledonians and the might of the Roman Empire, for a new show - The Last People on Earth. This show will tell the story of Mons Graupius and will bring together storytelling, original music and the latest archaeological discoveries to try and unearth a fragment of truth about a day nearly 2000 years ago that – arguably – shaped a nation. 

This event is also an opportunity to learn more about The Last People on Earth, what Andy’s discovered during his time with the Museums and Special Collections Department and feed into the research for the show.  

This event is free and open to all. Booking is required. 

Refreshments will be available.  

Andy Cannon
Hosted by
bwin Museums and Special Collections
The Sir Duncan Rice Library, Craig Suite

To book your place please email 

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